Writing and Media


Here, in no particular order, is a sampling of some of my published work and media over the years:

  • Interview, WVNY TV May 2015: Read Online
  • Interview, Burlington Film Society, May 2014: Read Online / Download PDF
  • Interview, VT Public Radio, Vermont Edition, “Adjunct Professors Unionize” December 2014: Read Online / Download Audio
  • “Small Boats, Big Oceans: Crossing The Pacific In A Teacup” guest presentation for Pelagic Sailing Club, Boston 2012
  • “Frozen Lakes” Banu Cennetoglu, Artists Space New York 2013
  • The Solo Workshop “Significant Others” Multi-media Collaborative with Deb Ellis, FlynnSpace Burlington, VT, 2010
  • “Customs”, SAIL magazine 1983
  • “New England’s West Coast: Burlington Harbor” YACHTING magazine 1999
  • “Janet” 05401 magazine
  • “Waterfront” 05401 magazine
  • “Ode to the Great Panjandrum” , poem, 7 Days Weekly
  • “Of Spaghetti and Satellites” Parent & Child, VT
  • “Landfall Navigation” Catalogue
  • 30 short articles for Market Marine and Stockbridge Communications
  • “Graphotypes: A New Slant” Leaders Magazine
  • “The 23: Brautigan Library Newsletter” editor and contributor
  • “Small is Beautiful” Cruising Helmsman
  • “The Shell Game” Gossip
  • “The People’s Conference for Economic Democracy” Peace & Justice
  • “Rape Culture” VT Times
  • “Poverty and the Welfare System” 8 hour interview series CCTV Ch.17 Old North End Show
  • “Living on the Moon” 1/2 hour educational video
  • “5:45 Live” various topics panel CCTV
  • “Video Games and Youth” panelist RETN TV
  • Numerous radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews since 1977, both as guest and as interviewer.
  • “The Bay of the Orphan (Baie d’Orphelinat)” Brautigan Library, nonfiction novel, 1992